Saturday, February 21, 2009

So much dust...

Well, it's clear this is another of my failed projects, but I will attempt to resurrect it. In the time between my last post and now, I've run three 5ks and one 4-mile run. I'm currently training for a 4.8-mile leg of the Brew to Brew Run. If I'm feeling good, I might run the last leg (4.7 miles) for fun. I think running in to Lawrence might be really fun and possibly emotional. Who knows.

When I started running in January 2008, I weighed between 205 and 210 pounds. At the end of the year, when had stopped running regularly, I weighed 195 pounds. I've lost an additional 8 pounds so far this year, and my eventual goal is to weigh 165 pounds by summer. I'm not following any exotic (or rediculous) diets; I'm practicing portion control and making better choices about what I eat. That doesn't mean I can't eat sweets; it means I can't eat sweets like I used to. I've had to cut down on my rapacious consumption of chocolate soy milk too, which saddens me greatly. Fortunately, espresso is pretty much free, and drinking properly sized cappucinos (6 ounces) and lattes means I don't consume too much milk. Other than that, it's water, water, water.

I haven't started cycling again this year though I plan to recondition my old Trek hybrid and put it into commuter use. I came to the conclusion that my neat Albert Eisentraut is a little too big for me. That wouldn't be a problem on my 5-mile commute, but the frame and fork lack eyelets for fenders, and I don't want risk such an interesting bicycle at the company bicycle rack. I would like to buy or build a bicycle for commuting and long-distance rides, but my new employer may lay people off in the next three months, so I can't afford that relative luxury.

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whatever gets you through today said...

I'm running two 5Ks this spring and am pretty nervous about it. Good luck with your endeavors — and maybe you can inspire me to be better, too.