Monday, September 10, 2007

Over the wall

Procrastination almost got the best of me. I planned to write an update immediately after I finished my ride. Instead, my sit bones were too sore and my confidence too shaken for me to turn the computer on and describe experience.

In short, not good.

After 1.5 miles and eight minutes of riding, I had had enough. My seat was too low, and I'm afraid the saddle may be too narrow. My plan for Wednesday is to raise the seat substantially. I wasn't extending my legs fully while pedaling, not even close. I may also raise the stem.

In light of the soreness where the sun don't shine, I purchased some cycling shorts from Waldo Bikes. Hopefully that and the seat adjustment will make riding more comfortable. I may install the seat from my old Trek hybrid as a last resort.

I may ride tomorrow morning before work if I'm awake and ambitious.

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Noah said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and Congrats on your return to riding!

I'd say give yourself at least two or three weeks of riding every other day or so before you decide on swapping saddles. Wait longer than that if you ride less often. The padded shorts will help a lot, but the sit bones still need to form a layer of muscle.

You should come hang out with us some Monday night at the Trek Store ride. It's an easy paced welcome ride that starts at the Trek Store (just north of Shawnee Mission Parkway between I-35 and Neiman.